Elektropráce Řehák (Rehak Electricians) specializes in a vast range of electric work in Prague and its suburbs in the Central Bohemia Region. We have extensive experience in the electrical field based on more than 20 years of hands-on work. We hold all required certifications according to Czech law. We follow the current trends and related new technologies.

We speak English!

Our company offers a vast range of electrical installation work, prompt response and effective solutions to problems, flexibility, competitive prices and discounts to frequent regular customers.


What we offer

  • Assembly and installation of electrotechnical appliances
  • Installation and adjustment of lighting
  • Assembly, dismantling, repair of:
    • Heavy-current and light-current wiring
    • Electronic security systems
    • Electronic fire safety systems
    • Camera surveillance systems
    • Assembly and connection of distribution systems
  • Grounding networks and lightning conductors
  • Construction and industrial assembly of light-current cable distribution
  • Structural cabling for computer networks
  • Television and satellite cable distribution
  • Procuration of revisions and revisions reports
  • Electricity consumption applications to the energy providers (i.e. PRE, CEZ etc.)